5 Two-Day Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement jobs are sometimes a little difficult for homeowners who choose to go at them alone. However, most of these jobs aren’t that hard to handle, even for just a few people. There are plenty of home improvements that can be done in relatively little time but with great results. A couple days of hard work can result in a great looking home. Therefore, here are some two-day home improvement jobs that anyone can take care of.

  1.  Removing a Popcorn Ceiling
    Popcorn ceilings may still exist in plenty of homes, but they went out of style years ago. Fortunately, it isn’t too difficult to remove these annoying ceilings. It takes a little bit of prep work before you can remove the popcorn ceiling and a little paint afterward. You have to start out by covering the floor and side walls with cheap plastic coverings, which will take an hour or two. Afterward, you can proceed to soak the ceiling in water, but you don’t necessarily have to. You need to scrape the “popcorn” off with whatever your tool of choice happens to be. All of this can be taken care of within a day. For the second day, you should proceed to sand and paint the ceiling.
  2.  Painting the Interior Walls
    Every few years, it’s a good idea to either touch up the paint on the interior walls of a house or paint with some new colors. The job takes two days because you’ll need to prep the painting area and surrounding area on the floor too. On top of that, you’ll want to do at least two coats of paint. Blue tape the areas where the wall meets windows, doors, the ceiling, ducts, and other places. Lay down some plastic under the walls so that paint doesn’t get on the carpet or hardwood. Also, get any furniture out of the way, Finally, you can start painting the walls with whatever paints you have chosen. Put an even coat on each wall, let it dry, and repeat the process. You might be able to do two coats in one day, but that’s pushing it. So then, finish with another coat on the second day and that’s it!
  3.  Putting in a New Fence
    Fences wear down and start to fall apart after awhile or homeowners start to get bored with their fences. On day one, you’ll want to get all the supplies for the new fence, prepare these supplies, and rip out the old fence. This project is best accomplished by two or three people. Ripping out the old fence and prepping the new fence should all be taken care of on day one. For the next day, you should wake up bright and early to start putting the new fence in place. It might take some careful planning to get the fence in perfect on the first try, but it’s possible. You might end up taking a third day if the fence needs painting or you could do it all that day.
  4.  Replacing Worn Doors
    Doors don’t stay in great condition for the rest of time, and you will need to replace them eventually. A great idea is to replace all the doors inside the house at once, which can be taken care of in two days. For starters, you’ll need to buy properly sized doors for your home. You will need to remove the old doors too – a task that should take a few minutes at the most. Fitting the new doors into place will take longer, especially if you need to cut down any sides of the door to make it fit. Of course, you can’t forget about the door knobs and whatnot. Actually, this task can be done in a single day, unless you need to paint the doors, which should be taken care of on day two.
  5.  Home Insulation Improvements
    Finally, you can do home insulation projects within two days. An insulated home will result in lower heating and cooling bills throughout the year. Start off by figuring out where you can add insulation to the home – the attic is a great place. First of all though, you should remove any old and worn insulation throughout the house if necessary. Next, get some new insulation materials and tools. You can put more insulation in the attic in just about any place. Most heat escapes homes from the attic. So then, you can add insulation materials there, add weathering strips to doors and windows, add blinds to windows, and other things. It isn’t that difficult to add insulation to basic parts of the house. This project should last about two days because you will need to add insulation to so many places.

Home Improvement is Simple!
Some people might make a huge deal out of it, but home improvement jobs aren’t that difficult. In fact, plenty of jobs can be taken care of in two days or less, which is a great timetable. Only people who don’t know what they’re doing are going to take multiple days or weeks to finish a simple project. You should pick up the tools, don the work clothes, and get to improving your house!

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