Do-It-Yourself: Indoor Decorative Concrete Coatings

Dull, ordinary concrete floors don't do much to enhance the beauty of a home. If you're in the midst of a home decorating project but don't want to spend a fortune on new flooring, apply a durable concrete coating or paint.

Acrylic Floor Paint

Acrylic floor paints are available in a wide variety of colors. Unlike ordinary latex paint, acrylic floor paints are capable of withstanding a large amount of duress. This type of paint is relatively easy to apply; simply roll the coating onto the concrete, being careful not to trap yourself behind wet paint.

Epoxy Floor Finish

Epoxy floor finishes are far more durable than acrylic floor paints. If you need to paint a concrete surface subject to duress, an epoxy finish is a good choice. If you need to finish a garage floor, choose an epoxy finish that can withstand the weight of an automobile. If you plan to finish a concrete floor in a basement that you use as a home gym, opt for a durable epoxy that can withstand dings from heavy weights.


Many people are surprised to learn that they can stain their interior concrete floors. Unfortunately, concrete is too dense and nonporous for ordinary liquid wood stains. If you want to generate a natural-looking uniform appearance, finish your concrete floor with an acid stain. Over time, the stain will begin to wear. For best results, seal the stained floor with a solvent-based polyurethane.


Concrete floors will not accept acrylic floor paint or an epoxy finish unless they are etched prior to application. Before you try to paint an interior concrete floor, apply a citric-based etching solution. Avoid muriatic acid etching solutions; these pose serious dangers and may not be appropriate for inexperienced amateurs.

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