How to Choose Which Home Improvement Project to do First

When you own a home, there are always home improvement projects you want to do. However, when the list of projects involves fixing and updating projects that are both large and small, how do you choose which project to do first? Well here is how you can work through and prioritize every item on your home improvement to-do list.

Make Broken Items a Priority

Though they may not be the most fun or exciting things on your to-do list, broken or non-function items should be a priority. That leaky faucet, the crack in the ceiling or whatever it maybe could easily turn into a much bigger problem if you let it continue. Tell yourself you will not be doing the “fun stuff” until these items are taken care of first. This is give you some motivation to get them done now instead of putting off .

Projects that will give you a Tax Break

Ok, do not go and install new energy efficient windows simply because it will give you a tax break. However, if an item that is already on your to-do list can get you a tax break, go ahead and move it up your list. Just resist the urge to replace your 1 year old hot water heater for a few dollars back next year from Uncle Sam.

What Gives you the Most Impact?

Once you have fixed any problems and taken advantage of tax breaks, it is time to start doing the things you want to do. Typically speaking, you want to do the things that will give you the most impact on your home. Go through each room of your home and write down the home improvement projects that you think will make the most impact on the room. Then list them in order from the most important to the least.

Where do you Spend your Time?

Now that you have all your potential home improvement projects written down, you need to decide what room you should start in first. The best way to do this is to figure out where the improvements will be enjoyed the most. Typically this means starting in the room where you spend the most amount of time. For some people the kitchen might be the best place to start, while others will want to start in the living room or outside. Assess your life and pick the room that makes the most sense for you.

Save up Slowly for Large Projects

Once you have picked the best room to start in, start working on your list. If you can financially afford it, start with the item on the top of your list and work your way down. However, large projects like flooring or new cabinetry may be out of you budget right now. If that is the case, start with the less expensive projects first and slowly save up to tackle the bigger projects. This will allow you to get some improvements done while still working toward your bigger goals.

When one room has been improved to your liking, move on the the next room in your house that will be most beneficial and start updating it in the same way. Working through your home improvement projects in this way will help you keep your home maintained and updated to your liking. Though there will always be projects for you to do, you will find that over time your projects will become more about tweaking that large scale improvements. This allows you to enjoy your home more and work on it less often. Now, get started making your home improvement to-do list.

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