How to Use Colour in Bathrooms Melbourne

Start planning colour combinations for your bathroom by looking for inspiration in your daily life. Don’t restrict your planning to magazines and interior design websites; shopping trips, your wardrobe and natural landscapes can provide heaps of great ideas for decorating your bathroom with bursts of colour. You can take a colour scheme for your Melbourne bathroom from whatever source you like, and then either tone it down or mix in more colours to make it more suitable for the space.

If you want to use colour to make your small Melbourne space seem larger, but find plain white surfaces boring and hard to clean, you could try painting a refreshing pastel tone on your walls to make the space perfect for enjoying a relaxing shower or bath. Choose a colour that is both pretty and crisp, to encourage calm wakefulness when getting ready in the morning. You can use white trim to great effect to make a minty green or light coral shade really pop, as well as visually opening up the space even more.

When choosing colours for your Melbourne bathroom you also need to consider the various different materials and textures that will be included in the space, such as tile flooring, ceramic bath and possible timber accents. Accessories such as towels and mirrors should also be taken into account. Choose colours and textures that are cohesive with each other and suit your Melbourne space well.

You should also keep your greater environment in mind when choosing colours for your bathroom. The style of the bathroom should not be too different to that of other rooms in your house, unless you plan to redecorate the rest of your living space or want to create the feeling of a retreat from your everyday life. You could also match your colour choices to the area of Melbourne you live in, such as calm, beachy blues for coastal areas, or light ghost gum coloured walls in a bush environment.

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