The Glen is Home to Many Beautiful Neighborhoods

The Cambridge

The Cambridge is the first neighborhood in the Glen to take a look at. This area features a number of townhomes as well as a number of properties designed with what the realtors refer to as a “front porch Americana” design with beautiful bungalow accents.

Glen Shore Condos

If you want to find a condominium you should see how the Glen Shores Condos section of the Glen features a variety of condo choices for you to choose from. These choices include a variety of different buildings that feature one or two bedrooms and a community pool and recreational center for all residents. The things that come with this space make it very inviting.

Landings at the Glen

The Landings neighborhood is made with single-family homes in mind. It also includes a few community buildings and parks.

An interesting part of these homes is that they can include yards of different sizes for whatever your liking might be. You can find some spaces where one property will contain about one-quarter of an acre in its deed.

Tower Crossing

The brick town homes at Tower Crossing are among the most beautiful high-end properties in this area. These homes are four stories each and are designed in a large terraced arrangement to make it look a little more beautiful and interesting.

You might particularly be interested in how you can get more things for your life taken care of in one of these homes. These homes are around three to four thousand square feet in size each. They are also homes that have been built in the last ten years for the most part.

Patriot Commons

There are a few townhomes and condos at the Patriot Commons section of the subdivision. This includes three different designs for each individual property to give it a beautiful design that is easy and interesting for anyone to enjoy. It is a popular type of place to take a look at when finding homes of interest.

Southgate in the Glen

There are close to three hundred different properties in this part of the Glen. Southgate has a number of villas, row homes and other single-family properties of use. These are places that have different space considerations and will fit in properly for all sorts of different spots that people can enjoy for whatever it is they want.

The things you’ll find at the Glen make it one of the top neighborhoods in all of Chicago to check out. This is a place that offers a variety of homes for people of all needs so they can enjoy their lives in this beautiful area.

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