Top Tips for Maintaining a Wooden Front Door

As more and more people are beginning to ditch PVC windows and doors for a more traditional look of wooden doors and sash windows here is a list of top tips for maintaining a wooden front door.

  • Be quick with your small repairs: While a small scuff, chip in the paint or a lack of varnish may look like it can keep for a while it is important to treat it as soon as possible. A very simple cover job that takes a matter of minutes could end up requiring a full sand down and repaint if you are not quick off the mark.
  • Use a good timber door frame: Timber door frames have developed strongly over the years and now a good frame can offer you a 30 year guarantee from mould and other such problems you can get with wood. By paying slightly more for a stronger product you are getting more value for your money.
  • Paints and primer: If you have decided to buy the door and paint it yourself then it is really important you use the correct paint. The variety and quality of product has moved on over the last ten years and you can invest in a quality product that doesn’t require that much paint to put on. This process can ensure you have a well maintained door for years to come.  
  • Wood: A good quality, strong and solid piece of wood for your front door can very beneficial. Shopping around for the best services and doors on offer can save you a considerable amount of unnecessary time and effort. Wooden front doors from The Sash Window Workshop, for example, offer the best wood, with fewer blemishes.  
  • Screen door: If you are struggling to keep up with the maintenance works a good preventive is to buy a quality screen door. While in the past these may have looked cheap and flimsy there are now strong products that provide lots of prevention against natural forces and keep the front of your home looking good.  
  • Regular cleaning: This may seem obvious but if you clean your wooden front door regularly it will help maintain your front door. With a build-up of dirt, dust, bacteria and other harmful contaminants it is important to wipe the door down. The same goes for your wooden window frames. Something worth noting is that wooden doors require far less cleaning than glass doors.

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